Scientillence Sdn Bhd in short known as SSB is the manufacturing plant for hemodialyzers. Hemodialyzers are also known as artificial kidneys and used for dialysis treatment on patients with renal failure. SSB was founded in year 2005 as the only manufacturer of hemodialyzer in Malaysia and South East Asia. The company has acquired pioneer status in 2006. SSB technical employees were trained at Alpha Plan, the technology provider located in Dresden, Germany. Alpha Plan engineers were also flown in to conduct the plant commissioning. In year 2006 the hemopane hemodialyzers were first manufactured, subsequently in the following year due to the market demand, the hemophane manufacturing lines were upgraded to polysulfone lines. The company has expanded to export into various countries such as China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Lebanon and most South East Asia countries.